Since 1990, HAI has developed a robust R&D record on aircraft structures and systems. Our participation in European and International research programs in state-of-the-art technologies has been active, pioneer and consistent.

Recent & Current Programs

  • GRA & ECO DESIGN Participation in the Design and Development of Europe’s “Green Regional Aircraft” CLEAN SKY Joint Technology Initiative (Development and application Low Weight and Low Noise technologies) and “Eco Design” CLEAN SKY Joint Technology Initiative (Development of technologies for a Fully Recyclable Aircraft with environment protection principles)
  • COCOMAT (Improved Material Exploitation at Safe Design of Composite Airframe Structures by Accurate Simulation of Collapse)
  • NOESIS (Aerospace Nanotube Hybrid Composite Structures with Sensing and Actuating Capabilities)
  • SPACE - RTM ESA (Design and Manufacturing of Space Components by RTM method)
  • CESAR (Design and Manufacturing of a Cost Effective Small Aircraft)
  • ACFA (Active Control Development for a Blended Wing-Body Passenger Aircraft)
  • IMacPro (Advanced manufacturing methods for aircraft components made of composite materials)
  • SARISTU (Structural Health Monitoring systems /sensors integration)