The Maintenance capability of HAI’s Electronics Plant, covers a wide range of areas.

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Services provided:

  • Communication, Navigation and Radio-assist Systems, F-16 Radar
  • Depot level maintenance and repair of ground radars, GCA and TACANS
  • Air-to-air missiles, Sidewinder, ESSM and IRIS-T
  • Combat Zone Communication System HERMES II
  • Maintenace, repairs and upgrades in ground electronic warfare systems
  • Automatic troubleshooting and testing of electronic cards with use of an automatic test station(ATE) BRAT-105 based on VXI, PXI
  • Depot level maintenance and repair of Avionic units, IFF’s, Automatic direction finders, Altimeters, Transmitters, Receivers, Transceivers, Indicators, Αutopilots and Inertial Navigation Systems
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The Support is performed at Factory level and on-site IRANS by use of mobile Units which perform the inspection and repair in the field.