At the Engines Plant the Company provides Depot Level Maintenance services on a wide variety of aviation engines (turbojet, turboshaft, turboprop, turbofan and reciprocating engines).

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Jet Engines

  • F100-PW-229
  • F110-GE-100 & F110-GE-129
  • M53-P2
  • T56/501D
  • T53 (all models)
  • J79
  • J85
  • PT6
  • PW123AF
  • TF33
  • Honeywell’s APU GTCP 85 Series

Reciprocating Engines

  • R-2800-CA3
  • IO/HIO-360
  • IO-470
  • IO-520
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The services provided by the Engines Plant include -but are not limited to- the performance of the following works on the above mentioned engine models as well as their individual modules, components, accessories and controls:

  • Major Overhaul
  • Partial Repairs
  • Periodic Inspections
  • Modifications
  • Inspections (Visual, Dimensional, Non-Destructive e.t.c.)
  • Testing of Engines and their accessories
  • Repair of engines’ components (Plating, Plasma & HVOF spraying, Electron Beam Welding, Low Heat Input Welding, Furnace Brazing, Honeycombe Brazing, EDM etc.)
  • Technical assistance at the customer premises

Authorizations and Certifications

  • Authorized Repair Center for repair and maintenance works for the following engine models:
    • T53 (all models) from HONEYWELL
    • T56/501D from ROLLS ROYCE
    • M53-P2 from SNECMA
  • Certified Maintenance Facility
    • Maintenance works on Civil Registration 501-D22/D22A engines from the Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority.
    • Non Destructive Testing from the “Performance Review Institute (PRI)” in accordance with the “National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program (Nadcap)”.

The Engine Plant Production Areas houses a complete series of shops that have the appropriate structure, the necessary equipment and personnel experience in order to fully comply with the engine, module, control, accessory and electrical/electronic systems support requirements.

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Engines’ Test Cells

Engines’ Test Cells are housed in two different buildings and can meet testing needs of all military and/or civil power plants.

  • Jet Cell (with a capacity of 75000 lbs max)
    • Engines
      F110-GE-100B, F110-GE-100C, F110-GE-129, F100-PW-229
  • Shaft Cell (with a capacity of 5000 SHP max)
    • Engines
      PW-123AF, T56-A-15, PT6-A68, PT6A-41, PT6A-T6, PT6-T3
  • Jet Cell (with a capacity of 25000 lbs max)
    • Engines
      J79-GE-17E, J85-GE-4A, TF 33-PW-100
  • Shaft Cell (with a capacity of 2400 SHP max)
    • Engines
      T53-L-13B, T53-13B, GTPC 85-180 (APU), GTCP 85-184, T56 Gearbox
  • Prop Cell (with a capacity of 6000 HP max)
    • Engines
      T56-A-15, T56-A-7, R2800, HIO-360, ΙΟ-520, IO-360D, IO-470