24/06/2021: Press release 18 June 2021

Today, at the facilities of HAI in Schimatari, Viotia and despite the fact that the Court had decided injuctions against persons of the Union who prevented the entry of contractors’ personnel, there have been renewed actions against the people who came to work, disrupting once again the operation of the business.

During working hours, a small group gathered inside the facilities created a climate of intimidation, exerted unbearable pressure on the contracting personnel, caused great upheaval and tension with voices and loud-hailers.

The Management of HAI having sought and exhausted all the margins for bona fide and substantial dialogue with the union representatives for weeks, states that it is impossible to keep up with these disastrous policies at the expense of the company and its 1,500 employees. These incomprehensible actions not only put at risk HAI's projects and contracts that are critical to its sustainability, but they directly undermine the prestige, credibility and corporate reputation that have built by the employees over time.

And the timing of these actions makes them even more dangerous, as HAI proceeds with hundreds of new hires, negotiates and signs new agreements, having turned the page with great expectations for the company’s future. Those who seek a return to the past, those who undermine this development path for reasons that only they themselves know, they should know that they are sadly alone. HAI will move decisively forward in the new era, serving the national interest and honoring its people.