16/06/2022: HAI: The first two F-16 Vipers took off

The maiden flight of the Hellenic Air Force's F-16 Viper upgrade program, undertaken by the Hellenic Aerospace Industry and Lockheed Martin, was made today by one of the two F-16s that entered the HAI (the second one will fly today).

During the flight, the aircraft's upgraded systems were verified with complete success, giving the impetus for the uninterrupted continuation of the work on the remaining Air Force aircraft to be upgraded.

The flight of the modernized version of the Viper F-16 was supported by an Air Force chase aircraft and lasted about an hour. It took off at 11.00, performed a local flight and landed at 11.58, after performing a series of prescribed checks. The flight performed to confirm the safety and reliability of the design, as well as the functionality of the installed equipment.

After the successful outcome of the flight, the CEO of HAI, Mr. D. Papacostas, made the following statement: "We are absolutely delighted with the progress being made, as everything is on schedule. The Company serves the Air Force's fleet upgrade program by demonstrating consistency, commitment to results, orientation to the organization and proper strategic planning, in close cooperation with the manufacturer Lockheed Martin and the Air Force."

Absolutely satisfied by the success of the flight operations, mr. Charles Akers, Director of Lockheed Martin Aero's Greek Operations in the Hellenic Aerospace Industry, said "I witnessed greatness today with the Viper team as they prepared and executed the first flight of a kit proof jet WJ:06. The LMA and HAI team all engaged, working with our LMA Pilot and support team. The team laid out a plan and executed flawlessly. What a show of professionalism and expertise. I am so proud of the team, honored to be a part of it, and thankful that I witnessed the performance".